Carl Heldt, Past Commander, 01/08/2015  WWI,I US Navy

Roland Wild, 1/19/2015 Korean War, US Army

*Carl Ernst, 02/09/2015, Past Commander, WWII, US Navy - Son of Carl, Past Commander and Linda, Past President

Culan Crocker, 02/11/2015, Korean War, US Army

**Arthur Symicek, 03/01/2015, WWII & Korean War, US Army  

Thomas Scott, 05/18/2015, WWII US Army

George Wild Jr., 07/21/2015, WWII US Army

Richard Scott, 07/27/2015, Korean War, US Army

John Howley, 08/18/2015, WWII, US Army

Fred Chase Jr., 10/20/2015, WWII, US Army

Murl Eastman, Past Chaplain, 10/22/2015, US Navy

Judge, Sandy Elden, 12/03/2015, WWII, US Army


* Carl Ernst was a 70 year member of Post 423 - Click here to view the 65 Year Continuous Membership Certificate presentation

** Art Symicek joined the Army at age 15 in 1943


Charles Hoffman, 08/26/2016. WWII U.S. Navy



Bradford Dick Johnson, 05/18.2017, WWII U.S. Marine

Billy Frank Evans, 06/01/2017, U.S. Army

Ross Craig Ward, 06/22/2017, US Navy