Hello to One & All,

This has been a proactive year thus far and we still aren’t close to being done yet.  We have been extremely busy and have made some big progress this year. Just recent we made All-State for the 2016-2017 year.  I would like to continue to see how the following years develop in that area.  There isn’t any reason we can’t make All-State every year.  We are a post that is fortunate enough to be able to do so and we should take advantage of it every year.

Throughout the year we have had several functions that allowed the membership to gather.  We held a Halloween party in October, a Christmas Party in December, and this past Summer/Fall we held a post lock-in.  A good time was had by all that came out to attend those functions.  Some of those functions have helped set the way for future functions we have coming up, such as a second post lock-in.  In addition the post will be having a post breakfast in April, more details on that in the following pages along with other events we have coming up.

Quartermaster Cobos and I had the privilege and opportunity to attend the mid-winter conference thanks to our Post.  We attended with Comrade Matt David and learned quite a bit.  In addition Joe and I had the chance to meet other Posts and their Commanders/Quartermasters and continue trying to build some public relations within the District and State.  Although this year has been an interesting one for Joe and I, we both have taken it with a positive attitude and used this year as an opportunity to learn and grow some.  We found strengths and weaknesses.  With the helping hands of a couple mentors and getting some on the job training we have started to get more familiar with the expectations and tasks we have before us.  It is my hope that we may continue to serve you all in the following year to come with yet another notch of experience on our belts and make it even better than last year.

I spoke at the last meeting in March and felt it was worth mentioning here again.  I want to publicly thank all the membership that has had a hand in dealing with projects and events around the Post.  Bob London has done a great job with tasks around the property that needed attention, Horace on keeping the place clean, Vance for taking on the website and story board projects, Don Miller for his touch-ups on our vehicle/artillery displays, and everyone else that has continued to help keep our Post operational.  It means a lot to me to see how much people chip in to help see things through and that we remain active while doing so.  I also want to publicly acknowledge the auxiliary and all they do to help us keep things running smooth.  They help contribute in a lot of ways and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I want to take a moment to thank all the judges and members that had any dealing with the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen.  This is a program that gears towards our youth in the community and often times makes those youth think of veterans, our nation, and the way of life that is preserved because of our veteran population.  I said it at the mid-winter conference and I’ll say it here, these youth are our future. Some of them will become the next generation of who replaces us, and taking the time to spend on them early on matters.  I appreciate all you have done to help contribute towards these programs, keep up the good work.

On top of all the events you see coming up we will be doing poppies again before any of us know it.  I would like for you all to start thinking of trying to free schedules up to make that happen.  We always seem to have a good turn out each year and I appreciate each of you that are able to help with that.

Lastly, I would like to ask that the membership keep in mind those that may be in need or struggling with health related issues.  Continue to stay in touch with one another and keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

I thank each and every one of you for all that you do. Know that I am proud to serve you as your Commander.

Christopher Dea

Post Commander

VFW Post 423