Headlines from The Daily Times News - Ann Arbor - January 29, 1919


Ann Arbor Man Gives Names of Men Now in the Company and Those Who Were Killed In Action

     Ann Arbor people will be glad to know what Ann Arbor men are now in Co. E, 126th. Infantry, for it is known that the original company which went out from Ann Arbor more than a year ago has been very much changed, some of the men being transfred and many more being added to bring the company up to the present war strength.

     This information is contained in a letter just received by City Treasurer Ross Granger, written from Hummerich, Germany, where the company is now stationed in its "Watch on the Rhine."

     My dear Friend:  Your welcome letter received a few days ago, and as we were still on our long march at that time this is my first opportunity to answer it.  For the present I will not try and explain what an interesting trip we have had.

     "Since the signing of the armistice we have traveled 300 kilometers and marched the whole distance, which took us exactly one month.  We only stopped occasionally for a day's rest and that was to give the men a chance to take care of their feet.  We crossed the Rhine river at noon on Friday, which will always be remembered.  You no doubt will see moving pictures of our crossing the bridge at Urmitz, Germany.

     "We crossed the River Rhine at the village of Urmitz and entered the town of Enger at about a kilometer from the bridge.  According to orders we are to remain here for the present.

     "There have been many wild rumors about the losses of the company and for the benefit of all concerned I am sending you a list of the original members who are at present with the company, also a list of those of the original complany who have been killed in action:

     "First Sergt., Patrick Walsh; Mess Sergt., John L. Osborn; Supply Sergt., Gilbert J. Donnelly; Sergrts., William Pommerening, Boyce Marion Covert, Arthur M. Blackaller, Geroge Enkenmann, Lester C. Barnett, Clarence Schaller, Harris Russell, Leroy Thurbor, William Russell, William Bay, Clarence Gauss, Jerome Markey, Owen Quinn, George Welker, Patrick O'Neil;  Corporals Herman Becker, Frank Bevier, Fred Harrison, Edwin Stahl, Alfred Schiplock, Lawrence Weinmann, Alfred J. Pfrommer, Charles O'Neil;  Cooks John Hession, Harry Wilson, Albert Buckholz;  Mechanics Clarence Murray and Albert Keast;  Privates, 1st. class, JohnYoungbauer, Harold C. Barth, Calvin Poland, Ernest J. Schmidt, John J. Morris.

     "The following men are still carried on our rolls as being on detached service - Captain Arthur, Volland, Corporals Joe Snay and George Corey.

     "The following men were killed in action;  First Lieut. Iden E. Chatterton, Sergeant Ernest Graf, Sergeant Herald Grandinier, Corporal Erwin Prieskorn, Privates John Katapodes, PLrivate Louis Lajores, Private John Egidio.

     "We also had a number of our original members transferred to different units shortly after our arrival in this country and for all that I am able to find out that all are O.K., although several of them have been wounded and transferred to different units and will no doubt arrive home before us.

    "I hope that these few lines will set at rest all rumors that our company has been entirely wiped out as some might have you believe.

     "Our one ambition is at present to return to 'Dear Old Ann Arbor.'  I am sure you will be able to judge by the present personnel of the company that we are still capable of parading before the citizens of Ann Arbor, the city we all love and call our home.

     "Our present company commander is First Lieut. Thomas H. Slusser, a graduate of the law college, who is no doubt known by many peope of Ann Arbor, as he attended there from 1902 to 1907.  He is a first cousin of H.  G. Prettyman.

     "Although he has only been with us a short time he has succeeded in winning the high esteem of all the men and we hope to keep him with us until our return to the "Good Old U. S. A."

     "Hoping to see you in the near future and wishing for you as well as all the people of Ann Arbor, 'Merry Christmas and a 'Happy New year.'

     "From all the old members of Co. 'E.'

"Always Your Friend,
"Patrick Walsh
"First Sergeant Company E, "