9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success

book review by Nate Powell Post 423

Black History MonthFebruary is Black History and a fitting time to read the story of Harris Faulkner in her memoir,9 Rules of Engagement, "herstory.” Faulkner’s father, a pilot and avionics lieutenant colonel in the USAF, served in Vietnam and the Pentagon. The lessons learned through their daughter- father bond in a military family helped her to become the self-assured individual with a belief that she had more potential than she would otherwise believed she had.

Faulkner is an anchor for "Outnumbered Overtime", a hard news format on the Fox Network. She is a wife and mother of two daughters and a motivational speaker.

Her father would host her on the elevator, the flight control surface of the airplane, where she thought she could see the world as he saw it.

From the military values instilled in her by her father, Faulkner shares her appreciation for the change technology has bought us. She feels fortunate to have been born in military family. Military values she learned from her father, she applied to her civilian life.

Faulkner absorbed the military mindset for success in the civilian world. Rules with their military underpinning have guided her. In this book, she uses her father’s stories, his career, and their relationship to explore nine life lessons. Faulkner’s stories of her father’s courage and patriotism can be inspirational to everyone.

This instructional and motivational guide shows the transformative power the military’s ideals can have on one’s life. Faulkner offers a fascinating exposition of how our military’s ideas can help all Americans succeed

The book is illustrated with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos of her early life and career. Be your own motivator is the mantra of this instructive book. Part memoir, part motivational life guide, it reminds us all of the most important values of life and the keys to success.